Picture day!!

Today was my baby’s first picture day at daycare! I was super excited but at the same I was kind of nervous since I don’t get to drop him off at daycare. Do you know what that means? My son rarely comes home with the clothes I picked out for him, instead, he comes home in daddy dressed me clothes. Not today, thankfully! I even had to make sure they took his pictures early in the morning because my son does not enjoy wearing button up shirts and takes them off any chance he gets! 
I’ll really excited to see the proofs for the photos, Im sure he came out perfect! Just look at these photos! 💙

Outfit Details 

As always my son is usually dressed in The Children’s Place from head to toe! 

Top: Oxford Blue Button Up

T-Shirt: Style Guru Short Sleeve

Shorts: Woven Chino Shorts in Mellow Aqua

Shoes: Garanimals Canvas Slip On Shoe in Black

I’m 100% a bargain shopper. I will do anything to get the best deals! That’s why I love The Children’s Place! Their deals are amazing, just click on the links and you can see for yourself!


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