Long time no blog

Hey everyone!  ♥♥

So I feel super guilty not having posted anything in over a year!! It’s crazy how life passes by so quickly. I went through a rough patch in my life last year, hence my last blog, but I feel better than ever now. I have been much happier and suddenly my life has started to slowly turn back around. It’s true. The link to a better life is happiness and positivity. I was always such a happy person always smiling and jolly, I’m finally starting to see the old me.

In the course of almost a year, I started working again. It’s such a great job, full time, full benefits, and my coworkers are awesome! My husband and I have moved into my moms house to help pay off old debt and ready our finances for a home loan! We are so excited because for the longest time we weren’t ready to say yes to such a big responsibility (which is quite ironic since we are married and have a child already). We have been working to rebuild our credit and rid ourselves of old debt. It’s so stressful trying to even think about buying a home. Do we want to build or buy pre-owned? What is our budget, what can we afford per month? Are we ready for all the responsibility that comes with owning our own home? Short answer, now, is yes.

We have decided we want to build our first home. The reason is, we don’t want the whole “this is my starter home” to turn into, “ugh we’ve been here for 5 years and we can’t yet build our so-called dream home.” I want to be completely happy with my first home and so does he. I want to look back 5-10 years down the road and say I still love my home. We also want to build so we know that everything that happens to this home is first time. WE know exactly what we do to our home and how we care for it. WE are the ones responsible for any maintenance job, big or small. The hardest thing about the home buying/building process is that there are so many options, do we want to buy a piece of land and build our own home on it or do we want to live in a subdivision where we are subject to only certain lots? It’s all bittersweet, really, though. 

I’m just so excited to start on this new chapter in our life and be able to share it with all of you! All I ask is be patient with me, I’ve gotten so used to not writing that I need to get back into a routine.

Thank you !!! You’ll be hearing from me very soon!


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