Dr. Seuss Themed 1st Birthday!

I have always been a fan of the great Dr. Seuss books. I loved how all the words would rhyme even though the words may not have been real words. 

Before my son was born I always planned I would read to him as much as I could. I read in a few articles that reading poems and/or rhyming words to your child would help them learn a lot faster and who else would be better at rhyming than Dr. Seuss. Anywho, fast forward to the planning of my son’s 1st birthday. I wanted to have a theme that I hadn’t seen around. I was so excited because there were so many options of different books I could use the theme on such as The Cat In The Hat, The Lorax, and Horton Hears a Who. While I was looking everywhere for decorations I couldn’t seem to find any. 

For the cake I looked up trusty Pinterest for some ideas. My baker was amazing, who by the way was the same baker who did my wedding cake. 

I looked on birthdayexpress.com and that is where I found a party package for a first birthday! I was so excited because my hopes for an awesome birthday party were going to come true (even though it wasn’t even my birthday). Not too long after that I went to the amazing Tarjay and found a bunch of Dr. Seuss things in the dollar section. I was super stoked! My husband and I worked so hard on his invitations and I literally just realized that I didn’t take a picture, oops. 

Well, here are some photos of the party and amazing theme! 



Jeremiah 1st BD-3

Jeremiah and Daddy

Jeremiah 1st BD-11

My All Time FAVORITE picture of him

Jeremiah 1st BD-13

a $5 pinata pimped out

Jeremiah 1st BD-17

yummy chocolate dipped marshmallows

Jeremiah 1st BD-18

more desserts

Jeremiah 1st BD-20

Love his smile

Jeremiah 1st BD-29

Smash cake

Jeremiah 1st BD-33

Cake for everyone

Jeremiah 1st BD-34Jeremiah 1st BD-36

Jeremiah 1st BD-53

look at his tongue!

Jeremiah 1st BD-67

$20 banner

Jeremiah 1st BD-68Jeremiah 1st BD-70Jeremiah 1st BD-71

Jeremiah 1st BD-73

$1 hat and party hats

Jeremiah 1st BD-74Jeremiah 1st BD-80

Jeremiah 1st BD-32

Auntie made his yummy cake pops


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