Windex isn’t just for windows

So we have a sectional. It is probably one of the most comfortable couches I’ve ever sat on! I always get compliments on how comfy they are. I purchased the sectional along with a round cuddler (which I sold due to lack of space) from my sister. The cushions are a tan color and the back of the couch is a dark brown leatherette material. The couch cushions are made of microfiber. I was always so nervous since I had heard they were really hard to clean. I don’t know if those people had ever had a microfiber couch or not but that is quite the opposite. They are so easy to clean! My sister gave me her secret to always keeping them spotless. Guess what it was… Windex! I thought, “Windex on a couch?” Weird right? But seriously, it works wonders! I tell everyone I use Windex! 

As you know, I have a toddler. He is awesome and loves to play with all his toys… and his milk. Milk unfortunately stains so I always end up with some super spotty couches. Even water will stain the fabric, temporarily. 

I took some photos to show how awesome it really works! 

(P.S. all these pictures are unedited to show the real difference!)




windex and a rag to clean


wet with windex, haven’t scrubbed it yet

IMG_4930 (1)

all done! 🙂

See! It literally takes a couple of minutes an the fabric dries quickly! So if you’re in a hurry and company is coming over just pull out the bottle of Windex and wipe away!

And for those of you wondering, Yes you can throw them in the washer, if you like to struggle putting it back on the cushion!

Adios! 🙂



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