Do anniversaries start over?

So my husband came up to me and asked me a question. He asked me, “if you break up with someone, does your anniversary start over when you get back together?” I proceeded to ask how long the break is. Because I know many couples who have broken up for less than a month and continued their relationship as if nothing ever happened and used the same anniversary.

For me, I think if the breakup is longer than, at most, a month your anniversary should start over.   So then he asked, “well what if in that break he or she had another boyfriend or girlfriend for a week, would it still not start over?” Honestly I think it depends. First, why did they break up? and second did they purposely do so just to get with that other person? In my opinion, I believe if there was any type of bad intention from the other party they shouldn’t even be back together, but then again everyone deserves a second chance and that’s a story for another day.

He and his friend were debating about it as well and his friend agreed that the anniversary shouldn’t start over, of course unless a longer period of time went by. I mean does it make sense to have your anniversary on the 15th of May and break up and get back together on June 1st, to wait for Next June to celebrate your   One year anniversary? That would be a long explanation, “well we were together for 11 1/2 months then we broke up for 2 weeks and then got back together, so we are only together (again) for 3 months now :).” No, I don’t think it would work out that way, plus it saves all the questioning from your families.

In the end I personally think it depends on the couple’s intentions and what THEY both believe should happen.

So I ask you, should anniversaries start over no matter what? Or should it depend how long and why they broke up?



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