1st Haircut!

I am so torn between cutting my baby’s hair or letting his curls grow out. He has thin but curly hair and its thin on top. I love his hair because it looks perfect on him. 

I’m just torn between cutting it. I want his hair to be fuller and growing evenly. Everyone in my family swears that by buzz cutting his hair or shaving it all will help his hair grow out thicker and fuller. I’m just nervous that it’ll end up growing straight out instead of full curls. 

I love his hair and I’m in no hurry to style it any different, he’s only one so I can wait. But I also don’t wanna put it off too long where he gets scared to cut it and it doesn’t grow like I want it to later ! 


1st Birthday Party — August 2015

I just gush about him because I think he is just so perfect! 😍 I mean, which mom doesn’t? But seriously though! 

I think I’ll wait a couple more weeks to cut it! Maybe I’ll get over wanting to get his haircut! 


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