If you’re like me, you’re a huge fan of Pinterest! From your seasonal outfit choices to your “wedding” Pinterest board. When I first discovered Pinterest it was like a goldmine to new ideas! I’ve used many delicious and not so delicious recipes. It helped inspire my own wedding. There are so many categories that you can literally get lost in them and lose track of time, not speaking from experience or anything 🙊.  But Pinterest isn’t just about finding the cutest baby outfit or finding what you want your future mansion to look like, it also has so many links to helpful websites! I love looking for new exercises, diet plans, and motivational quotes. It can help your daily life without the hassle of Googling something only to find a meme about it. I am currently using a Pinterest DIY to save some of my sons white shirts! You know the yellow stains and the stains on the shirts you can’t bleach due to having color on them. 

I made the delicious concoction with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of blue dawn dish soap.  

I used a nice pink bowl to contrast the blue color lol and I mixed all three. 

Then I added the blue goo to his stained shirts 

Well according to the Pinterest instructions I should have scrubbed and then let them sit, but due to my obvious lack of competence I didn’t scrub and just let them sit. Well 30 min later I decided to look at the shirts and I could see a difference even under the powdery white, so then I “scrubbed” with my fingernail and just decided to throw the shirts in the washer. I put my sons detergent in hot water and as the water was pouring in I dampened the shirts and scrubbed them then threw em in one by one. 

Now it’s the waiting game. I have to wait for them to finish washing and drying in order to figure out if this was a waste of my husbands 30 minutes (couldn’t find the ingredients obviously) and a Pinterest fail or if it actually works!

I shall have updated photos of before and after. In the meantime I gotta get up and get ready for the day, I mean no one likes looking like a sloth all day. 

So I took the shirts out of the dryer and all but one shirt was fully cleaned!!  

  Only shirt that didn’t fully clean 

I’m actually very satisfied with the turnout! I had tried everything to get the stains out and this actually worked! I definitely recommend everyone try this! Especially with little ones and  it may also work on the underarm stains of white shirts! 

I put the rest of the mixture in a bottle so all I have to do it spray and scrub ! 🙂

I hope this works for you and I would love to see before and after pics! 




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